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Friday, 6 May 2011

Arya satya

I think some truth about the arya people should be said, and i will start with this link:


batman said...

Perhaps this could be a clue?

bmdriver said...

Brother their are many many many research articles now that confirm that INDIANS are aryans not europeans...

their are many many more, i will post more if you want, im in a rush at the moment, but that diekenes is one big LIER, he tries and tries to change evidence to support his aryan invasion..BUT HE SIMPLY CANNOT...the genetics almost everything contradicts diekenes, Indians have gone further than genetics, they modelled the genes of cows, goats, mice, bulls, wheat, rice, barley, and guess what they were all first domesticated and cultivated in india.

In india at the moment you have a colonial pro westtern education system created by the briitsh, so its not an education at all, in fact all it is , is a politcal party in education. the briitsh indian schools promoate aryan theory as fact, this is why india is still not moved forward. we must forget about these westernes but start to ASK WHY IN INDIA ARE WE FORCED TO PROMOTE WESTERN ARYAN THEORY????/....some indians should start to debate this with the courts in ask why?? europe they do not talk about aryan theory nowhere in europe not even in america..NOW HERE..apart from in india. The british set up the education to fool indians....we need to wake up!!

Native Rights said...

Listen buddy R1b is not a male native American lineage

It only means, that you are a native American who survived European violence. By trying to claim R1b as a Native American lineage you are doing 2 things:

#1 Making people question your intelligence (Because its something you can't hide, those results are 100% West European). So its not like old days were people can mix and hide this stuff (till they don't know it even existed!)

#2 You give up Native American rights, even if your father is R1b, you are still native American. Maybe so more entitled to a compensation because you are carry a Y-DNA of a rapist, who violated your ancestors & lives in your body, against your own will (Assuming you are a sincere Native American, not a part-time Indian)

Peace (I am not M3 myself...I wish I was)